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Trend Analysis of Crime against Women in Manipur, India

Feminist Research

5 (2021)



Crime , Discrimination , society , stigma , Women

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The issue of women in Manipur is ascribed to two points. One point relates to the positive aspects of women such as their responsible roles in economy, polity and socio-cultural affairs in the state. The other point is focused on the crimes against women in the state. There are many crimes against women in the state such as sexual harassment, rape, molestation, domestic crimes, intimidation, kidnapping, attempt to rape, attempt to molestation, etc. All the major indigenous communities in the state namely Meitei, Muslims locally known as Pangal, tribes such as Naga and some sections of Kuki are the victims of such crimes. This paper is focusing on various forms of crimes against women. In this piece, an attempt has been made to scrutinize the different aspects of crimes against women in Manipur.

Crime against women in Manipur is not new but exists at different magnitude from time to time.

This paper is mainly based on secondary source of data specially the NCRB data and used simple statistical tool to calculate R2 and linear regression to see the trend and significance.

Crime against women in various form is an escalating problem in Manipur. Antagonism and hatred which lead to conflict/riot aggravated the situation of crime against women in the state.

These crimes against women have increased on a massive scale seeing the historical trajectory of violence but also with the imposition of AFSPA, 1958.


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