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Terms and Conditions


A. Online Platform and Owner

  1. The following Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to use of the Online Platform at www.gathacognition.com (“Online Platform”) and Online Shop at Online Platform (“Online Shop), to all publications at Online Platform, to all submissions at Manuscript Portal® of Online Platform, to all purchase contracts processed at the Online Shop, and to all related services provided by GATHA COGNITION® (“GATHA COGNITION®”).
  2. The Online Platform is owned and operated by GATHA COGNITION® ("We" or "Us"), registered office is at Shivajinagar, Dhumalwadi Road, At/Post/Tal.: Akole, District: Ahmednagar- 422061, Maharashtra, India.
  3. GATHA COGNITION® is registered firm (UAN: MH01D0000834 and MH01D0000933) under “Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006” in India.
  4. The term “Customer” shall refer to users of the Online Platform, to users of Manuscript Portal®, to users of Online Shop, to buyers and users of digital products available at the Online Shop.
  5. Any T&C laid down by customer which differ from these T&C will not apply for any transactions on and through Online Platform instead of written contracts with us.

B. Content and Access


  1. The content at the Online Platform is available to the customer as Premium Access Content, Free Access Content and Open Access Content under Creative Commons attribution license: CC BY-NC-ND.4 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/). Which includes 1) By- Credit must be given to the creator, 2) NC- Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted and 3) ND - No derivatives or adaptations of the work are permitted.

      a.  Premium Access Content

Customer can purchase the access to the Premium Access Content (“PAC”) through ‘Online Shop’ for lifetime as well as for limited period. The prices of specific items or subscriptions are stated with the access details provided in each case at the Online Platform.

     b.  Free Access Content

GATHA COGNITION® made available Free Access Content (“FAC”) to customer free of charge. It includes: i) free access content available on Online Platform for limited period or lifetime, and ii) limited period offers – to an individual or institute through access token (one time use).   

     c.  Open Access Content

Open Access Content (“OAC”) includes content published as an Open Access under ‘Open Access Policies’ published at Online Platform. The ‘Open Access Charges’ (“OAC”)/ Article Processing Charges (“APC”) are stated in policy documents available for each case at the Online Platform.

Author(s), research institute(s) and funding agencies can make content Open Access (OA) on payment of Article Processing Charges (“APC”) paid through author account at Manuscript Portal®.

Copyrights of ‘Open Access’ content is with author(s), representative of his/her institute(s), funding agencies, etc. The author(s), representative of his/her institute(s), funding agencies, etc. can use this ‘Open Access’ content with proper citation of the source. We have adopted Creative Commons attribution license: CC BY-NC-ND.4 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/).

      2. After successful placing of the orders and payments, the customer can view, download and store PAC in PDF format.

     3. Published electronic content available in the form of ‘Portable Digital Format’ (“PDF”) which can be viewed, downloaded, printed and stored in hard drives

C.   Intellectual Property Rights

  1. GATHA COGNITION® is the owner of all copyrights, trademarks, design rights, database rights and other intellectual rights.
  2. GATHA COGNITION® is the copyright(s) holder of all published content on Online Platform including Online Articles, Online Journals, Online Book Chapters, Online Books, Online Thesis, Online Dissertations, Online Project Reports, etc.
  3. The original author(s) transferred all copyrights as the owner of copyrights and/or representative of his/her institute(s), funding agencies, etc.
  4. Original Author(s) (“Original Author”) is the person(s) who prepare(s) the manuscript and submit(s) through Manuscript Portal® for publication on Online Platform.
  5. Manuscript is the draft of the content including texts, diagrams, images, photographs, charts, figures, tables, captions, citations, references and any other relevant information prepared for submission for publication on the Online Platform and submitted through Manuscript Portal® for reviews, assessments, restructuring, formatting, designing and publishing on the Online Platform.
  6. Manuscript Portal® is a web based ‘Editorial System’ designed and prepared by GATHA COGNITION® and linked to Online Platform for manuscript submission, reviews and editorial processes required for content publication.          
  7. Manuscript submission means the draft of content uploaded by Original Author to Manuscript Portal® for accessing and processing by The Editorial Office, The Editor(s) and The Reviewer(s) with copyrights to GATHA COGNITION® for publication of content, if manuscript accepted for publication.    
  8. Editorial process means the processes adopted and described in policy documents named as ‘Editorial Policies’, uploaded on the Online Platform.
  9. Manuscript review means the rigorous assessments and checking of manuscript by the reviewer(s) for quality, originality, language, innovations and required criterions for publication of the content.     
  10. Reviewer means the expert(s) appointed by the Editor(s) and the Editorial Office for assessments and checking the manuscript.
  11. The Editor means the person appointed by The Editorial office to look after entire editorial process (see 3.8) of the manuscript.
  12. The Editorial Office means the Office owned and operated by GATHA COGNITION® and look after all processes required for publication of content including manuscript receiving, manuscript processing, uploading of the finalized content to the Online Platform, distributions of published content, etc.      
  13. Publication means the displaying finalized copy of content on the Online Platform and available for customers’ for their uses after rigorous editorial assessments, checking, designing of matter in layout of the Journal or book and copyright transferred by author to GATHA COGNITION®.
  14. Manuscript accepted for publication means The Editor-in-Chief or The Editor(s) looks after the entire editorial process decided to accept the manuscript for publication after editorial assessments and checking in review(s). Refer policy documents viz. ‘Editorial Policies’ for more information about editorial decision(s).
  15. Here institute is that organization where author is/was working and/or research reported in the content was conducted.
  16. Funding agency is that institute or organization provided funds for research reported in the content and may be for publication.
  17. All content including online articles, book chapters, books, notes, diagrams, photographs, etc. provided on the Online Platform are protected under intellectual property rights.
  18. We reserve all rights of use, reuse, translations, reproductions, etc. of content on the Online Platform.
  19. Rights of accessing and use of content are strictly confined to user agreement. The making unauthorized additional copies, third party access, misuse and reproduction of content as well as making it available to the public are strictly prohibited.

D.  Accessing the Online Platform

  1. The registration is required to access contents on and modules of Online Platform.
  2. Use of this Online Platform is restricted to those aged 18 years or above. Anyone under 18 years may use this platform if accompanied by an adult.
  3. The Online Platform is normally available 24 hours in a day, accesses are provided temporary basis, we reserve all rights to withdraw provided services without any prior notice, and we will not be liable for any reason of unavailability of the Online Platform at any time or for any period.
  4. We will update Online Platform any time without prior notice as change in content, type of access and subscriptions, T&C and any other aspects and parameters of the Online Platform.
  5. We may suspend or close the access of customer to the Online Platform anytime, if need arises.
  6. Customer is responsible to make arrangements for accessing the content may be as premium, free and open access contents provided on the Online Platform, including required hardware, software, equipments, internet connections, etc.
  7. Customer is responsible to inform readers about content, type of access, T&C, etc. which not to do.

E.  Viruses, Hacking and Misuse of the Online Platform

  1. All users must not misuse this Online Platform by knowingly introducing Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Logic bombs and other technologically harmful materials.
  2. The violator of these T&C would commit a criminal offence under the laws. GATHA COGNITION® will report such violation to the concern law authorities and disclosing their identity to them, immediately.
  3. GATHA COGNITION® will not be liable for any losses or damages caused by a distributed Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Logic Bombs, Infected Computer Equipments, Computer Programmes, Data or any other technologically harmful materials due to use of this Online Platform, downloading content from and links with this Online Platform.
  4. We reserve the rights to withdraw the linking permissions without prior notice.        

F.  Our Liabilities       

  1. GATHA COGNITION® is the copyright holder and/or other parties related to this publication provides content “as is” basis without warranty of accuracy or completeness. We exclude liabilities of content on the Online Platform for accuracy, negligence, exaggeration, fitness for particular purpose, satisfactory qualities, etc.
  2. No representations or warranty are given as the accuracy or completeness of the information published on the Online Platform or linked to this Online Platform.   
  3. We exclude liabilities of any losses, wasted expenses, corruptions, etc. at the customer end.

G.  Registered User and Passwords

  1. Only registered users can access content except public documents on the Online Platform. Customer can register his/her account using forms available on the Online Platform.
  2. We provide unique user ID and confidential key to customer for accession of his/her account.
  3. We exclude liabilities of any losses and misuse of confidential key provided to the customer. Customers are fully responsible for security and proper uses of confidential key as well as any losses and all charges incurred through their misuses.
  4. Registered user must inform to GATHA COGNITION® immediately about any suspicious and/or misuse of confidential key by unauthorised user.    
  5. We exclude the liabilities of information provided by customer for his/her/their registration.
  6. GATHA COGNITION® reserves all rights to disable user account, change in information, etc. without any prior notice.

H.  Prices and Payments

  1. Prices of Premium Access Content are stated at access options given on the Online Platform.
  2. Prices of items liable to change time to time but provided that confirmed accesses will not be affected due to new changes.
  3. GATHA COGNITION® receives all payments through ‘Online Payment Gateways’ (PayPal, www.paypal.com and Avenues India Pvt. Ltd., www.ccavenue.com).
  4. ‘Online Payment Gateway’ is a web based system for payment transfers from customer’s account in his/her/their banks to account of GATHA COGNITION® in State Bank of India.
  5. PayPal and Avenues India Pvt. Ltd are service providers and GATHA COGNITION® made provision to receive the payments from different accounts of different customers in different banks through ‘Online Payment Gateways’ of these service providers.      
  6. All payments of orders are processed through ‘Online Payment Gateways’ and these orders can be confirmed only after confirmation of payment received in bank account (State Bank of India) of GATHA COGNITION®.
  7. Customer receives key to access the ordered items (electronic format, PDF files) on confirmation of order and payments, only.  
  8. GATHA COGNITION® excludes liabilities of any delay, losses, etc. during the transactions processed through ‘Online Payment Gateways’ and banking.
  9. Customer shall be responsible for incorrect information filled at the time of registration e.g. name, email, contacts, etc. and their losses.  
  10. Customers can not cancel their orders once they have received access key.  

I.  Contract Documents

GATHA COGNITION® processes all transactions through the Online Platform and has no provision of any other ways of documentation of contracts with customers therefore documents not stored in any ways instead of the Online Platform. Customer can access his/her/their contract information on access of their accounts on the Online Platform.

J.  Data Protection

GATHA COGNITION® protects all information supplied by the customer at the time of registrations and transactions and keep informed on updates.

K.  Privacy Policies

The customer confirms to have read and accept the privacy policies of this Online Platform.

L.  Advertisement

GATHA COGNITION® excludes responsibilities of any kind of the content appeared in and sponsorships for the advertisements. These responsibilities are fully of advertiser and/or sponsor.

M.  Funding Agencies

GATHA COGNITION® receives funds from different individuals, institutes, agencies, etc. against the ‘Open Access Charges’ for published content i.e. online articles, book chapters, books, etc. to make open access for users that not mean GATHA COGNITION® has adopted the policies, rules, activities, etc. of funding agencies. We reserved all rights to disclaim and/or deny them.

N.  Changes in Terms and Conditions

GATHA COGNITION® reserves all rights of change in these ‘Terms and Conditions’ any time by uploading to the Online Platform.

O.  Law and Jurisdiction

Indian laws applicable at the place of Jurisdiction of shall apply for all transactions between customer.



Akole, India, April 2016