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Privacy Policy


GATHA COGNITION® is committed to respect and maintain privacy of your information collected from you. Please read our following privacy policies about your information.

Acceptance of terms

As the user of this ‘Online Platform’:

  1. You agree with these terms for privacy of your information provided by you or automatically collected through web protocol.
  2. You agree for collection, processing and storage of your information for professional purposes. 

Sources of your information

We collect your information by two ways:

1. Your Inputs

Your direct inputs at the time of registration on the Online Platform:

  1. Personal details: name, sex, age, birth date, etc. 
  2. Contact details: name, postal address, email, telephone number, cell phone, fax, etc.
  3. Educational information
  4. Professional information: skills, experience, designation, employer, etc.
  5. Institutional information: name of the institute, contact details, etc.
  6. Username and Password
  7. Payment details such as debit or credit card numbers, banker’s details, etc.
  8. Comments, response, feedback, interest, etc. during the communications. 

2. Automatic Collection

We use cookies to analyze usage of our website with the help of automatically collected information including the IP address, your browser, URL, date and time of your visit.


Use of your information

  1. To communicate the user for inquiries, requests, comments, etc.
  2. To provide proper services to the user such as billing, delivery of products, other services, etc.
  3. To provide product information to the user.
  4. To notify about service changes, up-gradation, offers, calls, etc.



We may share your information with:

  1. Concern parties such as publishers, agents, licensers, institutes, etc.
  2. Editorial partners such as The Editor(s), The Reviewer(s), The Publishers, data processors, bankers, email services providers, shipping agents, technical supporters, IT services providers, etc.

We may also disclose your information

  1. To respond or comply with any law, regulations and court orders, etc.
  2. To protect rights, properties, safety of GATHA COGNITION® and users of the Online Platform.     

Access to your information

Editorial office will access your information collected from you, only. Registered users can update, change or delete their information from their end and accuracy of information is sole responsibility of the users. Information of deactivated account may be preserved for prescribed period to comply legal obligations.

Data securities

We take care of your information against loss, misuse, theft, unauthorized access through proper administration, system robustness, etc. You are responsible for loss, misuse, theft, unauthorized use, etc. of confidential password and token(s) provided to you.

Cross-border uses

The Online platform of GATHA COGNITION® has cross border accessibility; therefore your personal information may be transferred cross-border of your country for processing and storage.

Modification and updates

GATHA COGNITION® reserves the rights to modify or update the privacy policies any time with uploading on the Online Platform.



Akole, April 2016