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Impact of Moroccan Female MPs on the Decision Making Process: Challenges and Limitations

Feminist Research

Ghita Bousmaha

5 (2021)



Decision making , Morocco , Political Participation , Politics , Women

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The notion of gender has always been a debatable issue especially when it comes to power relations. This article is an attempt to shed light on the major forms and patterns that face these female MPs to impact the decision making process in relation to males. It focuses mainly on the nature and forms these MPs can have as decision makers. To achieve this aim, we look at the effectiveness of these women in decision zones. Female MPs were interviewed especially to evaluate the outcome of a long struggle that attempts to change the pre-constructed images associated with these female effectiveness. Moroccan female members of the parliament’s impact on decision making process is mostly governed by a set of cultural and political formations; it is not a question of time or space, but mostly in how these notions have been constructed to meet special aims.

The presence of Moroccan women in decision making process is governed by the cultural and political discourses.

There are a set of cultural constraints that limit Moroccan women’s impact on political decision.

Political scene in Morocco is characterized by the presence of males more than women.

The presence of women within political zones can only be a continuity of the social roles.


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