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Insights on the Practice of Hysterectomy among the Women Sugarcane Cutters in Maharashtra (India)

Feminist Research

6 (2022)



Women , Uterus , Sugarcane Cutters , Sugar factories , Hysterectomy , Health

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An issue of hysterectomy among the women sugarcane cutters in Maharashtra, India, was on the board of discussion in the year 2019. Women migrate every year to the sugar belt to harvest the sugarcane. There are different arguments and questions about this evil practice of hysterectomy. The present paper highlights the possible reasons for hysterectomies among women sugarcane cutters by analyzing the experiences of women with hysterectomies. It also illuminates the nature of work, ignorance of sugar factories, and health services towards the unique needs of women sugarcane cutters after their migration. This paper argues that the unfavorable circumstances in sugarcane cutting make women look after hysterectomy as an option to get rid of the pain during menstruation and work without interruption. Therefore, there is an urgent need for sugar factories and public health services to recognize their responsibilities towards this population group to stop the evil practice of removing the uterus.

This study deals with the hysterectomy among women sugarcane cutters in Maharashtra (India).

The hysterectomy has concern with overall reproductive health, seasonal migration and nature of the work.

Even the public health services in sugar belt never addressed the health needs of these women.

Seasonal migration and the work nature of sugarcane cutting make them compromise their reproductive health.

The evil practice of hysterectomy observed among the women sugarcane cutter in the region.


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