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Understanding the Reproductive Health of Pavement Dwellers in Pune City Maharashtra

Feminist Research

1 (2017)



Pavement dwellers , marginal population , Reproductive health , Institutional deliveries , ANC coverage

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This article analyses the reproductive health problems and health care seeking behaviour of women pavement dwellers in the Pune Municipal Corporation area (India). This study is based on primary information collected from 258 women of reproductive age group. The study shows that about 45 % women have used formal medical facility for deliveries, 56% lactating women were registered and received TT injections, and 34.7% women were covered complete ANC [Antenatal Care]. Many women have complained about the problems related to the reproductive tract diseases like itching, irritation on the reproductive tract and white discharge. Overall occupational and social conditions are negatively affecting their health. Unstable and invisible citizenship makes them inaccessible to public health services and basic facilities like housing, sanitation, personal hygiene and food also.

The study analyses the reproductive health of women pavement dwellers in Pune city based on primary survey.

Population of pavement dwellers is increasing rapidly.

Age at marriage of these women (82%) is below 18 years.

These women reported reproductive tract infections.

Medical facilities are inaccessible to these women.


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