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The Purpose of Teaching-Learning English in India

The Purpose of Teaching-Learning English in India


Indian Education System , Learners , Communicative Development , Management Studies , Pedagogy , Globalization , Women empowerment , Personality Development , Communication Skills , Writing English , Teaching English

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The book in the form of a series of brief essays takes into account the trends and developments in the present teaching-learning scenario which is characterized by the processes of globalization. The most basic and contemporary issues such as- the purpose of teaching-learning English in India, the Challenges before Indian education system, the Assimilationist view of English and the demands of globalization, Pragmatic competence, Cognitive and communicative development, English in Management Studies, ICT as alternative pedagogy, Nativism and Trans-nationalism, Non-Verbal Aspects, Personality development, Women empowerment, Multi-dimensional Evaluation tools, Privatization of Higher education, Indian writing in English, Promotion of peace through language and literature etc. have been discussed. The reflections are made to correlate the major issues, their causes, effects and would be solutions in local as well as global context as these issues become clear in the discourse of the items to which they are related.

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