Gatha Cognition®
Perception, Learning and Reasoning

Journal Proposals

1.   Online publication

GATHA COGNITION® publishes online journals to serve academic outputs with high standard and impact at doorstep. We open partnership options with individuals, organisations, funding agencies for online publications and editorial services. We adopt green policy for publication and publish all journal articles, book chapters and books electronically on www.gathacognition.com.


 2.   Journal Proposals

We invite proposals from eminent scholars and reputed institutes for publications of:

1.  New online journals and

2.  Online copy of reputed print journals.


3.   Scope

GATHA COGNITION® publishes Journals for all disciplines including:



Social Sciences,


Biological Sciences,




4.   Manuscript Portal®

We use Manuscript Portal® for submission of new manuscript, performing reviews and editorial decision of submitted manuscripts. Please visit www.gathacognition.com for functionality checklists for authors, reviewers, editors, editorial office, etc.  


5.    Articles: Online First

GATHA COGNITION® prepares articles uniquely and immediately publishes online journals at www.gathacognition.com after compliance of editorial processes, therefore author need not wait for publication of forthcomming issue of the journal. Author(s) submit their manuscript(s) as soon as finalizing the draft so that the Editorial Office conducts the review and editorial processes for submitted articles.


6.   Open Access

Research institutes, societies, funding agencies, etc. can provide funds for accepted and published journal articles and issues to make ‘Open Access’ for permanent free access to view and download. Accepting the 'Open Access' facilities are strictly on author’s choice and not mandatory for publication of article(s).

Open Access Charges are stated at home page of the journal.

Author can make his/her article open access on payment of 'Open Access Charges' paid through link available on author account at Manuscript Portal®.  


7.   Language Editing

GATHA COGNITION® provides paid language editing facilities for articles, book chapters, books, etc. on demand. Please contact for more details on email: lang_edit@gathacognition.com