Gatha Cognition®
Perception, Learning and Reasoning


GATHA COGNITION® provides option to authors, their research institutes and funding agencies of paying an Article Publishing Charges (APC) to make their articles, book chapters, sole books, etc. freely and permanently available for readers. It is strictly author’s choice and not mandatory for publications.


Why Open Access ?

  • Articles, book chapters or books are freely available to readers without price barriers immediately after publication.
  • Published material can be re-used with proper citations.
  • Wide publicity for articles / book chapters and sole books.
  • Rigorous peer reviews for every manuscript published as open access.
  • Rapid online publication on home pages of GATHA COGNITION®.
  • High online visibility via www.gathacognition.com
  • Higher possibilities of citations in reputed journals, books, reports, theses, dissertations, etc.
  • It is green publication.


Article Publishing Charge (APC)

Author, research institute, funding bodies, etc. can find Article Publishing Charges (APC) on home page of the selected Journal to make open access their articles, book chapters, sole books, etc.



Author can use link provided at Author Account at Manuscript Portal® to pay APC.


Visit for more information about Open Access publications:

Wikipedia article on 'Open Access' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_access

Open Access Overview by Peter Suber http://legacy.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/overview.htm

Information platform open-access.net! http://open-access.net/DE-EN/germany-english/