Author Functionalities


Manuscript preparation guide

Manuscript submission guide (pdf)

Secure log-in to ‘Manuscript Portal®

Consolidated account for Authors, Reviewers, Editors

Secure and easy manuscript submission

User defined ‘User-Id’ and ‘Password’

Easy author registration

Alternative an email facility

Corresponding author can indicate unavailability dates

‘Add author’ facility

Easy changes in order of author(s) added before manuscript submission 

Nomination of author for correspondence

Record of author’s affiliation(s)

Edit and resequence the list of co-author(s)

Co-author can see their name and affiliation

New manuscript submission

Covering letter uploading facility

On screen writing facility for covering letter

Step-by-step manuscript submission

Formats for answer the mandatory questions include  drop-down lists, radio buttons, check boxes, free text, etc.

Choice of manuscript type i.e. original article, technical paper, review article, book review, etc.

Short title facility for manuscript

Highlights of article (4 to 6 highlights and 60 characteristics per highlight)

Abstract (150 words)

Key words for article identification, classification, search, etc.

Submission of original word processing files

Submission of original JPG, TIFF,PNG files for graphics

Color figures accepting

Uploading facility (one-by-one) for multiple files prepared with descriptions i.e. first page, highlights, main document, image, table, etc.

Add/Remove facility for uploaded multiple files of manuscript

‘Edit Order’ facility for uploaded multiple files of manuscript

‘Save’ facility for order changed of uploaded files

‘View PDF’ of entire manuscript

Author can check the PDF of entire manuscript prepared to submit 

‘Save’ and ‘submit’ tab on portal

Submission notification to author through an email

Submission notification to co-author(s) through an email

Automatic manuscript ID stated in submission notification

‘Save’ facility for un-submitted manuscript 

Author can suggest potential reviewers for submitted manuscript

Status updates on author accounts

Submission link for revised manuscript submission attached to manuscript status button on author account

Link for submission of revised manuscript in an email notification for revision

Rebuttal and response letter upload facility for revised manuscript

Response to reviewer’s and editorial comments in rebuttal letter

Add/Remove facility for uploaded multiple files of manuscript at revision stage

Revision number automatically appended with revised submission

System based an email facility for communication with the Editor(s)

Acknowledgements of funding agencies

Fast editorial decision

Notification of editorial decision through an email

Editorial help on an email

Online submission of copyright form

Archive facility for manuscript(s) with decision

Archive of an email notifications on ‘author account’

One time registration for all manuscripts i.e. new submission, active manuscripts, revised manuscripts, manuscripts with decision, etc. 

Online invitation to author for ‘galley proofs’readings

Notification of ‘galley proofs’ uploaded for author(s)

Download facility of ‘galley proofs’ 

Uploading facility for corrected ‘galley proofs’ (pdf)

View facility for author copy of ‘published article’

Archive for published article on author account

Report of article views on author account