Editor Functionalities


Editorial assistance

Online monitoring system

User defined ‘user Id’ and ‘password’

Assignments to Associate Editor(s)

Active manuscripts listed in separate table

Manuscript wise monitoring system

Step-by-step editorial progress

Reviewers’ database

Submission notification(s)

View and download submission(s)

Online (an email) invitation(s) to the selected reviewer(s) 

Add reviewer manually 

Online response from reviewer(s)

Response link on invitation email to reviewer(s)

‘Abstract’ included in reviewer invitation

Key words included in reviewer invitation

Online auto access to manuscript for reviewer on acceptance 

Notification on submitted reports by reviewer(s)

View report(s) facility

Change reviewer facility

Manuscript declined facility for delayed review(s)

Online notification of decision to author(s)

Editorial comments to an author in case of manuscript(s) declined, suggest for revision, rejected, etc.

Online notification of accepted manuscripts to publisher 

Author and Reviewer guide online available

Archive facility for manuscripts with decision

Free access to all edited issues and articles by the editor

Online certificates for editors including Editor-in-chief, Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board.