Editorial Management

User Guide for Editors

Login at ‘Manuscript Portal’

  • Link: http://www.gathacognition.com/manuscript-portal
  • Login details: Use your registered ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ for login.
  • Recover password using, ‘Forgot Password’.
  • User guide is avalable at the link, Editorial Management from User Guide.



Select option

  • Click in the box.
  • Select option the ‘Editor’ from dropdown. 
  • Click on ‘select’.




Call for Editor

  • New manuscript(s) are appeared in the tab ‘Call for Editor’.
  • Click on ‘Accept’ for accepting the manuscript for editorial processing.
  • The Associate and member of the Editorial Board can decline the manuscript on clicking the tab, ‘Decline’.
  • The Editor in Chief should accept the manuscript and assign the Editor from the Editorial Board for expert assessment if required instead of declining.



Manuscript(s) Accepted for Editorial Processing

  • Accepted manuscript(s) by the Editors are appeared in the tab ‘Submitted Manuscript(s)’.
  • Click on ‘view’ for editorial process.



Editorial Process

Three steps editorial processing: 1) Step-1 View manuscript, 2) Step-2 Review and Step-3 Decision.

Step – 1 View manuscript

  • View Manuscript, make primary decision (reject on poor quality manuscript and accept after improved after revisions) before the review by experts.
  • Click on ‘change’ to Appointment of the Processing Editor.


Step – 2 Review

  • Click on ‘Step -2 Review’ for appointment of reviewers.
  • Appointment of ‘Panel of Reviewers’ (three).



Appointment of Reviewers

  • Add new reviewer.
  • Search reviewer: 1) by name, 2) by keywords, and 3) direct search.  
  • Select reviewer from the list.
  • Add new reviewer to the list.



  • Search reviewer from the list  
  • Add new reviewer



  • Add email address of new reviewer



  • Filling information of new reviewer



  • Select reviewer newly added to the list 



  • Invite the reviewer
  • Remove the reviewer from selection or invite (if required)



  • Accepted manuscript by the reviewer to review



Step -3 Decision

  • Click on Step - 3 Decision
  • View the comments, recommendation, full report and uploaded files by the reviewers.



  • View full report of reviewer



  • Make decision on manuscript (minimum two reports required)
    • Select the decision:  1) Accept , 2) Minor revision, 3) Major revision and 4) Reject
    • Click on dropdown



  • Check attachment from reviewers
  • Write comments for author(s)
  • Upload files for reviewers (other than files from reviewers)



  • Save and Send the Decision to the Author

    • Save the progress of decision
    • Send decision to the author (only after save)
    • Print decision, if required.



Scholar Profile

  • Change your password, if required.
  • Update all details.
  • Add or update name of your home institute.



  • Add links to homepage (website) of your institute.
  • Add links to your profiles at ResearchGate, Google Scholar and LinkedIn.
  • Upload your profile picture
  • Click ‘Update’.