Submission Management

Author guide for system use





Login at ‘Manuscript Portal’

  • Link:
  • Login details: Use your registered ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ for login.
  • Recover password using, ‘Forgot Password’.
  • User guide is avalable at the link, ‘Manuacript submission’ from User Guide. 



New Author: Registration form



  • Select option - Author, Reviewer and Editor.
  • Click in the box.
  • Select option the ‘Author’ from dropdown. 
  • Click on ‘select’.




Check list

Please check before manuscript submission for successful publication.

  • First page prepared separately and information of author(s) not included in manuscript.
  • Author(s) information including full name(s) according to sequence(s), affiliation(s), contacts (telephone, cell, fax, email, etc.), author for correspondence, etc. given in the first page.
  • Title of the manuscript is prepared well with short headings not more than 50 characters.
  • Abstract length is not more than 200 words.
  • Keywords - 4 to 6.
  • Highlights (4 to 6) are given on separate page. Each highlight is less than 75 characters.
  • Manuscript is checked thoroughly for language corrections including spellings and grammar, used simple and straight forwarded sentences, etc.
  • Graphics prepared neatly and saved at 300 dpi for pictures, maps, photographs and line arts at 600 dpi in TIFF, JPG or PNG formats.
  • Tables are prepared in word processor and editable. 10. Tables and figures are prepared in separate files.
  • Equations are prepared using editable word processor and cited in the text e.g. (equation (1)).
  • Names of three potential reviewers are selected and required information gathered.
  • Author for correspondence is submitting the manuscript and own copyrights.
  • Captions of figures and tables are given on separate page.
  • Text, data, figures, photographs, etc. referred from published literature are quoted and cited properly wherever required.
  • All references are cited in the text and listed in the section of ‘references’.
  • Headings and sub-headings are prepared according to guidelines.


Create new manuscript for submission

  • Five steps for manuscript submission.

Click ‘Create New Manuscript’ or ‘Submit Manuscript’.




Step-1 Select journal or book



  • Select the name of journal or book



  • Save the selection and move to next step
  • Author can download author guide.
  • Don’t forget to ‘Save and click on ‘Next’ for moving to next step. 




Step-2 Author Information

  • Add Authors

  • Corresponding author appeared automatically. 
  • Enter email of the new author and click on ‘add’.
  • Fill author information in the form including full name, affiliation, contact details, etc.
  • Affiliation is name of the ‘institute’ where author research is conducted.



  • Author information



  • Change sequence of the author.
  • Edit author information.
  • Delete author.
  • Change corresponding author.



  • Edit and update author information 


  • ‘Save’ the information and click ‘Next’ to move in next step, ‘Step-3 Article Metadata’.


Step-3 Article Metadata

  • Select manuscript type
  • Enter article title
  • Enter short title of the article
  • Give abstract in 200 words



  • Select manuscript type



  • Compose mathematical  equations
  • Compose equations using ‘LaTex’. 



  • Highlights and keywords



  • Add reviewers
  • Add email
  • Fill up all details




  • Edit and delete reviewers



  • Metadata and covering letter
  • Add total words in the manuscript.
  • Give number of tables in the manuscript.
  • Give number of figures in the manuscript.
  • Give number of number of color figures.
  • Write letter to the Editor.
  • Upload covering letter, if not given in the text box.
  • Don’t upload any file related to the manuscript



  • Upload scanned copy of the covering letter



  • Article history and confirmations 
  • Give information about the manuscript submitted to the selected journal previously, if any.
  • Confirm originality and not submission to elsewhere before final decision of this manuscript.
  • Confirm acknowledgment of sources of information included in the manuscript.
  • Confirm copyrights.
  • Etc.   



  • Save and click ‘Next’ for next step 4.


Step-4 Upload files

  • Upload files: first page, manuscript, tables, figures, captions, graphical abstract and answer to comments by reviewers and editor(s), separately.   
  • Files of ‘First page’ and ‘Manuscript’ are mandatory.
  • Give single table in single file.
  • Give single figure in single file.
  • Give captions in single file.
  • Give graphical abstract in single file.
  • Upload original editable file only.    


  • File uploading
  • Select file from computer desktop.
  • Select file type: First page, Manuscript, Table, Figure, Captions, Graphical Abstract, etc.
  • Give description of each file being uploaded.
  • Click ‘Upload file’.  



  • Select ‘file type’



  • Manage file sequence
  • Download and delete files



  • Files are being converted in PDF format in single file.
  • Save
  • Click next
  • Wait! Files are being converted in PDF. 



Step-5 Review and submit

  • Check all steps are completed (colored green).
  • Update information of incomplete step(s) (colored red).



  • View and check PDF




  • Final Submission
  • All tabs are green !
  • Click, ‘Submit Manuscript’.



  • Successful submission
  • Complement message appeared.
  • Author received ‘Acknowledgement’ (email).


Interrupted, partially submitted and declined manuscripts

  • Interrupted submissions
  • Partially submitted manuscripts
  • Manuscript declined by Editorial Office or the Editor
  • Click on ‘Continue Submission’ instead creating new manuscript.
  • You will get appropriate step of submission.



Submitted manuscripts



  • View PDF



Article proofs and copyrights

  • Download composed copy of the article uploaded by the Editorial Office.
  • Upload corrected copy by the author.
  • Approve final composed copy of the article.
  • Download copyright for uploaded by the Editorial Office
  • Upload duly signed and scanned copyright form.



Published articles and books

  • View citation details.            
  • View publication date.
  • View article downloads.
  • View published article (PDF)
  • View and pay Article Processing Charges (APC) to make article ‘Open Access’.




Scholar Profile

  • Change your password, if required.
  • Update all details.
  • Add or update name of your home institute.



  • Add links to homepage (website) of your institute.
  • Add links to your profiles at ResearchGate, Google Scholar and LinkedIn.
  • Upload your profile picture
  • Click ‘Update’.