Functionalities of Editorial Office


Appointment of Editor(s) for the Journal

Online monitoring


Assistance to the Editor(s)

Assistance to the Reviewer(s)

Receiving new manuscript

Receiving revised manuscript

Help to an Author for manuscript submission(s)

Notification to Author in case of ‘bounce’ submission(s)

Communication with an Author for manuscript formatting according to guidelines of the Journal

Manuscript forwarding to the Editor for consideration

Assistance to the Editor for selection of reviewer(s)

Assistance in publishing processes

Data monitoring

Secure manuscript archive

Receiving ‘copyright form’ from author(s)

Assigning manuscript ID

Assigning manuscript ID for revised submission i.e. R1, R2, …..

Reminder to reviewer(s) in case of delayed review(s)

Thanks to reviewer(s)

Assistance to the Editor and Reviewers for plagiarism checking

Information about reports of plagiarism checking to author, reviewers and editors

Editorial office can modify manuscript metadata and uploaded files

Monitoring all review and editorial process