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GATHA COGNITION® established Online Platform for partnership with researchers, authors, readers, planners, institutes, agencies, etc. We look forward to receive manuscripts of original articles, book chapters and sole books to serve enthusiastic readers. Comments, suggestions and recommendations of Editors and Reviewers raised in review process are always helpful for improvement in their manuscripts.


   Publication steps

Select your suitable journal

Authors can select suitable journal or book to submit their manuscripts of original research articles, technical papers, review articles, book reviews and book chapters.

Prepare manuscript

Authors are advised to use ‘ to prepare their manuscripts according to requirements of the journal or book.

Submit online

We receive manuscript online through , only. Author(s) can submit and track their progress of manuscripts on . Submission guide is helpful for step by step submission.

Initial assessments by Editor(s)

Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editors assess submitted manuscripts for originality, innovations, scope, format, etc. Only suitable manuscripts can be processed for review, otherwise declined.   

Blind Peer Review

Eminent scholars assess the manuscript and report with rating, comments and suggestions for the author(s) and the editors. They check submitted manuscripts for originality, innovations, scope, methodology, discussions, findings, conclusions, applications, citations, references, language, formatting, etc. Authors receive comments made by the reviewers in editorial communications. 

Editorial comments

Editors make decision of manuscript as minor revision, major revision, accept or reject based on editorial assessments and comments of reviewers. Authors receive editorial decision with comments and suggestions made by reviewers and editors, if available.

Manuscripts for revision

Authors are advised to revise their manuscripts according to comments and suggestions made by reviewers and editors, and resubmit through . Submission guide helps author for step by step submission of revised manuscript. Author(s) can use previous records and uploaded files in submission of revised manuscript. They can remove selected files for revision and upload revised files.

Accepted  manuscripts

GATHA COGNITION® accepts only suitable manuscripts after rigorous reviews and editorial assessments. Author for correspondence receives editorial decisions through email notification.    

Proof reading

We upload the final copy (PDF) of manuscript prepared for publication for rigorous checking by author(s). Author(s) can view proofs on and submit corrected copy on same account. Production unit incorporates their corrections made by the author(s) up to the final stage of publication.


Author(s) are advised to download copyright form supplied with galley proofs on and upload completely filled and duly signed copy on same account as early as possible.   


Congratulations! Your article is published as ‘online first’. Articles published as ‘online first’ are scheduled for publications in upcoming issues. DOI numbers are assigned to these articles and anybody can cite them.

GATHA COGNITION® adopted green policy for publication and publish all articles, book chapters and books electronically on www.gathacognition.com. Therefore, author need not wait for upcoming issues of the journals and books.



Manuscript submission and tracking

New author create an account on Manuscript Portal® and submit manuscript prepared according to guidelines (Author Guide) of the Journal. Authors should follow five steps for submission of manuscript. New un-submitted, saved and declined manuscripts are in ‘Unsubmitted manuscript’. Manuscripts under review can be found in ‘Manuscript under review’ and manuscripts with decision in ‘Manuscript with decision’. Author can click on link given in author mail or tab in author account for submission of revised manuscript.  


Manuscript archive

All manuscripts submitted to GATHA COGNITION® through Manuscript Portal® are archived and can be accessed on author login.


Peer review and editorial procedure

Fully robotic web-based system is adopted for review of all manuscripts.

 All manuscripts are thoroughly and blindly peer-reviewed by experts.

The Managing Editor checks the suitability of submitted manuscript, their citations, quality of images and tables, etc.

The Editor-in-Chief or member of editorial board assesses the manuscript before performing the peer-review.

The Editorial Office organizes the peer-review by independent experts.

At least two reports of reviewers required for decision about manuscript.

Author(s) are advised to revise their manuscript according to comments and suggestions made in editorial communication in case of manuscripts sent back for ‘revision’.

Professional language editor checks accepted articles for language corrections.

Production unit sent proofs to author(s) for final checking before publication.


Language editing service

GATHA COGNITION® provides paid language correction services on request.


Author Copy

Author can access author copy of published articles and books free of charge on Manuscript PortalTM. Author can view, read, download and gets in touch with published articles and books through his/her account.  



Author can order e-prints using online facilities on author account. Author gets 50 e-prints (each author) free of charge to share with colleagues, friends, etc. as soon as their article published on home page of GATHA COGNITION®


Open access plus

Authors, their research institutes, funding agencies, etc. can make their articles, book chapters and books free of charge to the readers immediately after their publication using Open Access facilities. These articles have wide visibility and high possibilities of citations.

For details, please visit home page of selected Journal on www.gathacognition.com