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Space-borne Active Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture: A Review

Remote Sensing of Land

Vijay Bhagat

1 (2017)



Uncertainty , Validation , Modeling , Calibration , Dielectric properties , Polarimetry , Scatterometer , SAR

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Space-borne active microwave remote sensing is an efficient technique to acquire knowledge of land surface soil moisture (SM). Several studies have reported comparable results of surface SM using space-borne scatterometer responses to backscattering from soil layer. However, detection and measuring of SM using these techniques require an appropriate filtering of data, site-specific calibration of surface roughness parameters, prior knowledge of the study area, specific research purpose, careful selection of model, different suitable datasets with appropriate time series, etc. Reported success studies are very site-, data- and situation-specific and show uncertainty in SM estimations therefore, insufficient to reach global conclusions and applications. Scientific challenge before the community is to develop or modify models and appropriate datasets for SM estimations with simplification and high precision with global applicability for complex bio-physical units. The field is new, active, attractive, challenging and interesting area of research for sustainable land and climate change management.

Space-borne active microwave remote sensing is promising technique for soil moisture retrievals.

Several techniques and models are available for soil moisture retrievals.

Results of these models are very site-, data and situation specific.

More studies require for wide applications in different bio-physical environment.


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