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Monsoon Variability Reconstructed from Sedimentological and Mineral Magnetic Studies from Vaghad Tank Deposits, Nashik District, Maharashtra

Hydrospatial Analysis

Arun Magar

5 (2021)



Sediment Texture , Sedimentology , Monsoon Variability , Magnetic Susceptibility , Grain-size

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An attempt made to reconstruct the monsoon variability using sedimentological, geochemical and mineral magnetic studies from deposits in Vaghad Tank, Nashik district, Maharashtra (India). The ~140 years multi-proxy data of the 3.3 meter thick sedimentary section of the tank exhibits some minor changes in sediment characteristics up to the depth of ~150 cm. The grain-size analysis and mineral magnetic studies of 67 samples of sediment suggests that, the sediment dominated by clay. Overall, sedimentary profile does not exhibit any systematic trend in the sediment properties. Finally, the present study concludes no significant changes in the past monsoon conditions have been occurred during the last century but some minor changes in the hydrodynamic conditions have been noticed during the last few decades.

The multi-proxy data about sediments from the tank can provide valuable information on monsoon variability.

Total 67 sediment samples analyzed from 3.3 m thick section to reconstruct the rainfall.

The upper (and younger) sediments show considerable variations in the sediment characteristics.

The past monsoon rainfall conditions are more or less similar during the early few decades.


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