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Aim & Scope


‘Feminist Research’ is focused on navigating the studies with feministic approaches through strong database, innovative techniques and methodologies, etc.


‘Feminist Research’ covers following topics but not restricted to:

  • Women Studies,
  • Feminist Theories
  • Subjugation of Women,
  • Exploitation of Women,
  • Feminist Law,
  • Women Welfare,
  • Feminist Literature,
  • Research undertaken in the field of Sciences, Technology as well as Social Sciences with Feministic Approaches,
  • Case Studies,
  • Etc.

Subject covered

Sociology, Economics, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, Law, Social Work, Administration and Governance, Science, technology, etc


‘Feminist Research’ has wide range of audience including Social Scientists, Social Workers, Lawyers, Writers, Managers, Academicians, Students, etc. interested in Feminist analysis and applications for social and gender equalities.