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Aim & Scope


‘Remote Sensing of Land’ emphasises on navigating the applications of Remote Sensing techniques in Sustainable Land Management through strong database, innovative techniques and methodologies, etc.


The Journal covers following topics but not restricted to:

  • Remote sensing sensors,
  • Remotely sensed database,
  • Innovative methods and techniques used for data analysis,
  •  Imaging, mapping, fusion, etc.,
  • Impact assessment of land,
  • Socio-economic-cultural analysis using remotely sensed data,
  • Applications,
  • Case studies,
  • Etc.

Subject covered

Space Technology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Cartography, Earth Sciences, Geology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science, Agriculture, Forestry, etc.


‘Remote Sensing of Land’ has wide range of audience including Scientists, Engineers, Managers, Academicians, Students, etc. interested in geo-spatial analysis, mapping and monitoring the bio-physical aspects of the Earth Surface.