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Remote Sensing of Land
Remote Sensing of Land
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Free Plublication (Date : 2016-04-14)

All articles submitted in 2016 for 'Remote Sensing of Land' will be published free of charge

Best Paper Awards 2017 (Date : 2017-07-20)

Remote Sensing of Land

GATHA COGNITION® would like to offer two 'Best Paper Awards' for selected 'Original Research Articles' published in the Volume (2017) of 'Remote Sensing of Land'.  

First Award: $ 100 + Certificate 

Second Award: $ 50 + Certificate

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Managing editor will appoint the ‘Selection Committee for Publication Awards’ (SCPA) from editorial board of the journal.
  2. Appointed SCPA will select only two articles from volume (2017) of R'emote Sensing of Land' for the awards.
  3. Awards will be declared at end of the year, 2017.
  4. Selection will be fully on the basis of quality.
  5. Visit journal home for author guide and editorial process.
  6. All rights are reserved.


Call for articles: 'Remote Sensing of Land'

‘Remote Sensing of Land’ (RSL) is a double blind peer reviewed journal devoted to publish scientific, technological and methodological innovations in remote sensing of land. Please http://www.gathacognition.com/journal/gcj1/remote-sensing-of-land

Please http://www.gathacognition.com/journal/gcj1/remote-sensing-of-land

The journal covers borad topics including:

  1. Remote sensing sensors including optical, thermal, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Light Detection Ranging (LiDAR) and so on.
  2. The application of remote sensing in Geographical Information System (GIS).
  3. Innovative methods and techniques used for data analysis, interpretation, mapping and classification.
  4. Multi-sensor and Multi-temporal data analysis.
  5. Applied methodologies in earth sciences and land applications.
  6. The use of machine learning methods in remote sensing science.
  7. The use of ground and aerial-based remote sensing sensors in land applications.

The journal publishes original research papers, review articles, research reports, book review, etc.

Please submit your scholarly articles at our 'Mnuacript Portal®' at http://www.gathacognition.com/manuscript-portal,